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'I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much we appreciated your support with our catwalk show. Didn't they all do so well, you must be really proud of them. I also wanted to say a special thank you to you personally, helping me by arranging and coordinating 14 kids at various locations and during the week which is no small feat, you certainly excelled at it and I am hugely grateful. I hope the memory will stay with them for a long time as it certainly will stay with me. Please pass on our huge gratitude.'

Michaela Fass Childrenswear Buying Manager, Bhs




'I like drama club because of the funny games and I like pretending to be people I am not'

Tilly, aged 10

'It's fun and I like putting in lots of expression and playing angry parts.'                 

Georgia, aged 10


'I like playing the games and the acting and making friends and the laughter.'    

Oliver, aged 8


'I like theatre club because I'm with my friends. As well I like the games and acting and I

like the way that at the end of every term we do a play.'                                                         

Alex, Aged 11


'I like playing all the games. It is really fun and brilliant. Everyone gets to meet new characters in the play. People even make friends with you WOW COOL.
Clara, aged 9

'I like theatre club because I have fun doing the games and the group work that we do

and the songs that we sing in groups. I also like doing the dances like the robot dance.

I mostly like doing things in groups because you get lots of ideas from different people' 

Faye, aged 9


'Yve is very kind and lets us choose what we want to do. Helps us how to improve our

acting. I like acting best.'                                                                                                         

Ava, aged 9

'There is lots of fun and singing and acting. I can also meet lots of new friends.'

Sophie, aged 8


'I like PLAY ON because I like playing the memory game. I like Yve. I like making friends.

I love acting and doing shows'.                                                                           

Rebecca, aged 9


'I like Theatre Club because you sing, dance, playing games and making new friends and a

good teacher.'                                                                                                    

Taylor, aged 8

'I like the acting because its fun to express, games because they're fun and dancing

because its my hobbie.'                                                                                                              

Emily, aged 10

'It is fun there are lots of games and silly characters. Also it is fun to laugh and be with my


Eva aged 11


'It's fun and active. You can get many parts in drama. I am very interested in drama.'

Morgan, aged 10


'I like drama club because dancing, singing and games, all of it, and Yve makes it fun.'                                                   Megan, aged 11









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